Tie-Down and Safety Accessories


2" x 30' Load Strap w/ Ratchet

2" x 30' Load Strap with Ratchet.  Flat hooks on each end with a heavy-duty 2" ratchet.

Working load limit is 3,335lbs.

4" x 30' Load Strap w/ Flathook

4" x 30' Load Strap with flathook end.

Available as a single piece or in case of 10 each.

Working load limit is 5,400lbs.

Corner Protector, 10" Plastic

Vee Board Corner Protector made from high density polyethylene designed to protect cargo and straps from damage during transport.  Also helps keep the strap in place. Flexible enough to conform to cargo and return to original shape.  Stackable for ease of storage when not in use.

For use with 2" or 4" load straps.

Corner Protector, 4" Plastic

Corner protectors are designed to protect both strap and cargo from damage caused by load securement.  They are required by law whenever conditions exist that could cut or abrade the strap.  

For 2" up to 4" webbing.

Goldline® Rubber Tarp Straps 

Goldline® Rubber Tarp Straps are made in the USA from high quality EPDM.  Goldline straps provide strength, durability and resistance to weathering.

Available in 15", 21" and 31" lengths.  Case size is 50 count.

California Truck Rope - 3/8"

California Truck Rope is a high quality polypropylene, made specifically to pass the high expectations set forth by the California Highway Patrol for tying and hauling.  With high resistance to mold, rot, mildew, chemicals and road salts, California Truck Rope is best known for the ability to withstand ultraviolet rays and sun damage, which is a common problem among other synthetic ropes.

Available in cut lengths or 600' spools.

Solid Braid Nylon Rope

Solid Braid Nylon Rope ideal for use in securing tarps as well as use in awnings, rope pull awnings, roll curtains, boat covers, and miscellaneous canvas projects.

Available sizes are #4 (1/8"), #8 (1/4"), #10 (5/16"), #12 (7/16") in cut lengths or full rolls.

Rubber Rope - 3/8" Hollow

3/8" Hollow Core Rubber Rope.  For tarp tie-down and securement. Can be made into custom size rubber straps utilizing SJ Hooks. Core is hollow for bending around tight corners without excess fatigue on the rubber.

Available 3/8" diameter in cut lengths or 150' coils.

Shock Cord - 3/8"

3/8" Shock Cord.  For tarp tie-down and securement. Can be made into custom size rubber straps utilizing SJ Hooks.

Available 3/8" diameter in cut lengths, 250' or 300' coils.

SJ Hook

Steel SJ Rubber Rope Hook allows for customizable rubber rope, bungee cord and shock cord straps.

Available as a single piece or in a 50 count package.

J Hook

J Hook, for bolt-on or weld-on application.  To be used for tarp securement with rope, rubber tarp straps, bungee cords, rubber rope, shock cord, or simply to run through a grommet or D-ring on a tarp.

18"x18" Red Safety Flag

18"x18" Red Safety Flag.  Double thickness with 1/2" I.D. grommet in one corner for securement.  Made from durable 18oz vinyl coated polyester.

12"x12" Red Safety Flag with Dowel

12"x12" Red Mesh Safety Flag on 3/4” x 30” wood dowel.  All staff flags have sewn pockets.

Oversize / Wide Load Sign

Oversize / Wide Load vinyl banner with grommets.  Available in different sizes:

12" x 72" and 18" x 84"