• awning hardware
  • load securement, tie-downs, and safety accessories
  • marine top and cover hardware
  • side curtain parts
  • tarp hardware and finishing
  • tarp repair accessories


 Awning Hardware

Parts and accessories for awnings including cranks, Somfy® electronics, roll curtain hardware, awning installation brackets and care & cleaning products for your awning.

Load Securement, Tie-Downs, and Safety Accessories

Load securement and tarp tie-down accessories.  Ropes and stretch cords available, as well as safety accessories.

Marine Top and Cover Hardware

Boat cover and bimini top hardware as well as professional care & cleaning products for your marine canvas.

Side Curtain Parts

Replacement parts for side curtains including buckles, straps, rollers, pelmet, rail, tensioners and more.

Tarp Hardware and Finishing

Tarp, strap and curtain hardware.  Buckles for all applications.

Tarp Repair Accessories

Extensive line of tarp repair accessories including patching materials and die-cut patches, HH-66 Vinyl Cement and cleaning chemicals.